Circadian "Flanking the black moose"

Release date: November 2004

A pretty unusual listening experience. From the joint efforts of Jason (NOTHING) and Scott (GRUNTSPLATTER) comes the hybrid creature called CIRCADIAN.

Schizo-noise ? Semi-glitch ? Power electronics ? Dark ambient ?
All this and a lot more......

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Teresa 11"Smoky heaven"

Release date: October 2004

I've never had so much trouble in simply "describing" a record, but the phenomenal japanese TERESA 11 are - truly - impossible to "frame". Mutant trip-hop meets classical music, "smoky" ambient meets Kabuki traditional rhythms.

All this topped with astonishing female vocals and harp....

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SKM-ETR "The rugged meat cleaver"

Release date: October 2004

Crushing walls of white noise meet melodies, just to show the two styles aren't oil and water.....
Uncompromising harsh electronics with a somehow 'musical' edge, topped by lots of samples, in-your-face lyrics and thug attitude. Featuring contributions by Brethren, Slogun and Murderous Vision. Run, darling, run. Fast...

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NTT "The arrow & the wound"

Release date: September 2004

nce again entering the deranged mindset of the jilted lover-turned-sexual predator, NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES is back with THE ARROW AND THE WOUND, delivering the most absolutely brutish levels of misogyny yet and creating an atmosphere of emotional depravity where lust is confused with longing and love is intermingled with delerium.

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Navicon Torture Technologies

Blood Box "The iron dream"

Release date: September 2004

....From the far side of the sun.......

A million miles away from earth, in the empty vaults of space, where collapsing stars cry and solar winds blow, BLOOD BOX captures the anxiety of a moaning universe...

.......To the end of night........

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Blood Box

Nothing "Silence came back in.."

Release date: June 2004

A disharmonic journey through the mid-world spheres. Fragments of corrupted melodies melt with post-nuclear tribal rhythms.

Quiet semi-silences turn into crystal-clear ambiences, then suddently leave space to bursts of noise....

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Esoteric "Metamorphogenesis repressing"

Release date: September 2003 (Originally released in August 1999)

Tortured, hateful, pernicious, durg-influenced, depressive doom....
The album for all those in touch with the darkside....

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First Human Ferro "Guernica macrocosmica"

Release date: October 2003

Who said dark ambient has nothing to share with melodies ? Who said it is not possible to combine dark, deep and dense drones with traditional music and melodies?
These phenomenal russian musicians are here to prove there are NEW seemingly undiscovered ways to conceive and create dark ambient.

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First Human Ferro

Control "Natural selection"

Release date: October 2003

Brand new album of this legendary power noise artist. Concrete & abrasive songs, consuming & devastating sounds, evolving & mutating noise.

Keep your aspirines at hand - CONTROL is here to crush you. To little pieces..

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