Band Skm-etr (CAN)
Album Title The rugged meat cleaver
Catalogue # Skm049-Str009
Release date October 2004
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve + booklet
Tracks 9
Running time 54'45''
File under Power noise

Description Crushing walls of white noise meet melodies, just to show the two styles aren't oil and water..... Uncompromising harsh electronics with a somehow 'musical' edge, topped by lots of samples, in-your-face lyrics and thug attitude. Featuring contributions by Brethren, Slogun and Murderous Vision. Run, darling, run. Fast. The rugged meat cleaver is here FOR YOU !!
Track-list Aborigutter / We are going to eat you / BFI law / Lunch bag suicide / Break your face / Thana 45 / Just another cunt / Prostitute wanna-be / Sainthood (new found religion)

Samples Thana 45 (6 MB)
Prostitute wanna-be (5,5 MB)