Band Circadian (USA)
Album Title Flanking the black moose
Catalogue # Cir050-RT001
Release date November 2004
Format cd
Packaging Jewel box
Tracks 7
Running time 44'
File under ?? - ??

Description A pretty unusual listening experience. From the joint efforts of Jason (NOTHING) and Scott (GRUNTSPLATTER) comes the hybrid creature called CIRCADIAN. Schizo-noise ? Semi-glitch ? Power electronics ? Dark ambient ? All this and a lot more...... "Flanking the black moose" will keep you on the edge of an ever-evolving sonic experience by defeating and escaping the usual structures of the genres. When I say "hybrid", I really mean it......
Track-list Few remain alive.... / Their scalps were discovered.... / Another termite... / The delicate... / A pint and a deceitful body... / M Moose creek... / My fingers and thoughts...

Samples Their scalps were discovered (7,7 MB)
The delicate.... (5,3 MB)