Neronoia "Il rumore delle cose"

Release date: February 2008

What we see. What we do. Everything leaves a trace, somewhere. Everything has a meaning. Things have a soul. Things exist way beyond our reach. Things speak, live and die. Things speak in their own language, and make noise. A noise that only trained ears can understand.
Neronoia keeps on being nothing. But a very important nothing.

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Olhon "Underwater passage"

Release date: February 2008

Field-recordings maestros OLHON are back with a new stunning album. "Underwater passage" is based upon underwater recordings taken in 2006 by Zairo (WHERE), then treated by Massimo Magrini (of BAD SECTOR fame). These recordings were taken using special sensing microphones attached to an abandoned telephone cable running on the sea bottom at -40 m.

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Russian Love "Nergal"

Release date: January 2008

Repressing of one of the most underestimated cold wave bands of the 80s - one of the very first from Finland singing in english and reaching the goal of publishing an LP. This repressing contains a remastered and re-packaged version of "Nergal" (1988) and "Malleus maleficarum" EP(1987). For fans of Chameleons, this is a must.

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Russian Love

Colloquio "Si muove e ride"

Release date: June 2007

Nobody sounds and sings the inadequacy of this life like Gianni does. There's something more than mere "music" in his records and there's more than simple "poetry" in his words. I feel I could write for hours about how touching, beautiful and moving COLLOQUIO's music is, but it is frankly useless. Those who are aware of the stature of this band, will greatly enjoy. The other ones, well........

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Bestia Centauri "Teratogenesis"

Release date: April 2007

Sonic landscapes that convey a sense of the numinous, the horrific, and the extra-human.

With the new release, Bestia Centauri defies once and for all the persistent mischaracterizations of its sound as belonging to the "Dark Ambient ghetto"...

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Bestia Centauri

Mourmansk 150 "TOYR"

Release date: March 2007

Power noise at its highest, most violent, harshest, roughest levels. Take the roots of good, healthy, sane old-school industrial and mix them up with a modern approach to power noise. These ingredients define what MOURMANSK 150 will harm, kill, topple and destroy.
And they shall stand, trimuphant over your remains.

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Mourmansk 150

FHF / Siratori "Adamnation"

Release date: March 2007

What happens when modern classical music meets power noise, female sopranos meet dark ambiences, harsh death industrial voices melt with traditional melodies ?

First Human Ferro are bringing experimental music to new territories.......

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FHF / Siratori

Amon / Nimh "Sator"

Release date: February 2007

AMON (Andrea Marutti), and NIMH (Giuseppe Verticchio), worked side by side for some weeks to create their first collaborative effort.

SATOR is a granitic and majestic work, a musical journey through time and history that throws the listeners into the most remote abysses of Earth.

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Amon / Nimh

Vanessa Van Basten "La stanza di Swedenborg"

Release date: December 2006

To be filed under heavy Post-Rock, Vanessa Van Basten is a strongly emotional sonic magma that absorbs & metabolizes different sonic influences, from the introspective metalcore of Jesu and Neurosis to the experimental metal drones of Sunn O))), from Lycia and Slowdive melancholy-driven soundscapes to the cinematic melodies...

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Vanessa Van Basten