Beyond Dawn "In reverie (repress)"

Release date: February 2006

Much needed & longed for repressing of the band's acoustic masterpiece "In reverie" - originally issued in 1999. 10 pieces of magic music from Norway's best kept "secret". Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks and comes with re-designed artwork.

Melancholy under a brand new sun......

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Beyond Dawn

Ignis Fatuus "In our mad bliss"

Release date: November 2005

Back in 1998, IGNIS FATUUS released one of the most impressive debut albums ever - "The futility goddess" (on UK label Cold Spring). Their astonishing mixture of neo-classical, ambient, wave (with amazing vocal contributions from SWANS-singer Jarboe) gathered a load of positive feedbacks from everywhere...
Now, almost 8 years later, IGNIS FATUUS strike back with "In our mad bliss".

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Ignis Fatuus

Asianova "Love like a veiled threat"

Release date: August 2005

A few years after the acclaimed & praised "Burning the blue skies black", ASIANOVA are back with a brand new MONUMENTAL opus.
Rarely (or should I dare saying never ?) a dark ambient cd has encompassed so many different elements & influences....

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Luasa Raelon "The poison city"

Release date: August 2005

Welcome to the poison city.
A place where nuclear radiations colour the sky with green clouds, mutating vegetation suffocates the sun and asphyxiating miasms coming from abandoned toxic wastes endanger life.........

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Luasa Raelon

Control "The means to an end"

Release date: May 2005

Redefining the concept of aural aggression. Structured, multi-layered, hyper-complex power noise.

Sharp like a surgical scalpel and powerful like a demolition hammer, CONTROL music adds a new meaning to the abused "power electronics" definition.

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Maath "No survivors for the new world"

Release date: May 2005

Based upon the concept of coma, sleep and suspended animation, "No survivors for the new world" gently brings you through a dormant world, where dreams flow freely around you, leaving a coloured trace in the cold and dark void. Melodic dark ambient of the finest kind, and one of the most impressive debuts I've heard in a long long while...

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Thergothon "Fhtagn-nagh.. repress"

Release date: April 2005 (Originally released in July 1999

The often imited, never equalled 1991 THERGOTHON demotape finally available again....

The slowest and heaviest doom ever created on planet earth. No other band ever sounded like this. No other band will ever sound like this. Point....

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Amon "Foundation"

Release date: April 2005

"Foundation" contains remastered and re-worked versions of the AMON first cd "Amon" (1996 - currently sold out) and of the ultra-rare "Mer" cdr (2000 - originally printed in less than 200 copies.....).
Wondering why AMON is widely considered a dark ambient legend? This double cd will show you why.... You'll find no deeper nor darker ambient anywhere else.

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Gruntsplatter "The eulogists assembly"

Release date: March 2005

Bringing "death industrial" to new, never before experienced levels, US noise manipulators GRUNTSPLATTER throw us in a desertic, abandoned, outworldly land where the only sounds come from agonizing machineries, abandoned to their inevitable rusting processes // Construction. concretion. abrasion. decay...

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