Band Blood Box (USA)
Album Title The iron dream
Catalogue # Blo047
Release date September 2004
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 6
Running time 72'43''
File under Dark ambient

Description ......From the far side of the sun....... A million miles away from earth, in the empty vaults of space, where collapsing stars cry and solar winds blow, BLOOD BOX captures the anxiety of a moaning universe. The chants of a dying supernova, the sound of a multi-dimensional worm-hole, where gravitational gradients capture light and turn it into a formless singularity. .......To the end of night........
Track-list Fall in / Lower realm / Cold hand in mine / To the end of night / Beneath the black wave / Far side of the sun

Samples Lower realm (15,6 MB)
To the end of night (13,9 MB)

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