Cazzodio "Ad negantem usum significationes"

Release date: February 2000

The sound of collapsing civilization. Beyond noise, beyond power electronics, CAZZODIO are the slayers of your normality.
Harsh, raw, decomposed, saturated fragments of mental distortion.

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Amon "The legacy"

Release date: November 1999

New disquieting AMON masterpiece..
Dark ambient with unearthly and ghostly melodies + unidentified sound sources.

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Where "The creatures of the wind"

Release date: November 1999

Astonishing dark ambient in the vein of Thomas Koner and Amon. Cryptic sounds and ghostly atmospheres centered upon the concept of the creatures of the wind.
Incredibly deep & hyper-obscure

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Esoteric "Metamorphogenesis"

Release date: August 1999

Tortured, hateful, pernicious, durg-influenced, depressive doom....
The album for all those in touch with the darkside....

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Thergothon "Fhtagn-Nagh Yog Sothoth"

Release date: July 1999

The legends of doom are back !
The often imited, never equalled 1991 THERGOTHON demotape finally available on minicd. Remastered sound quality, entirely new artwork and full lyrics.

The gates are open for Yog-Sothoth....

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Nazca "Biodegradable"

Release date: May 1999

Highly recommended to any SWANS or Nick Cave fan, this album offers a particular mixture of wave, gothic and dark.

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Static Movement "Visionary landscapes"

Release date: March 1999

Formerly known as The Frozen Autumn.
Absolutely impressive debut album. Finest cold wave with both male and female vocals.

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Static Movement

Beyond Dawn "In reverie"

Release date: February 1999

A completely acoustic journey through a melancholy-filled world.

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Beyond Dawn

Canaan "Walk into my open womb"

Release date: September 1998

An ever-flowing stream of emotions from the minstrels of apathy.
Drown into their world of slavery, deception ond contempt.

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