While Heaven Wept "Sorrow of the angels"

Release date: September 1998

The most sorrowful and melancholic doom metal since CANDLEMASS "Nightfall".
> Clean vocals, stunning keyboards, and the perfect combination between power and sadness....

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Caul "Reliquary"

Release date: February 1998

Erotic, sensual, morbid dark ambient. The deepest edge of isolationism - music for souls in flames.

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The Frozen Autumn "Fragments of memories"

Release date: November 1997

80s wave meet modern technology to create a cult release.

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Ordeal "Traumende"

Release date: August 1997

The new breed of gothic dark: a stunning female soprano paints scenarios of desolation.

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Amon "El khela"

Release date: May 1997

Trascending catacombal ambience - the sound of forgotten realms in its purest form.

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Never Known "Twilight's last gleaming"

Release date: March 1997

The italian dark ambient sensations. Deep LUSTMORD-like drones meet relaxing textures à la VIDNA OBMANA.

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AA.VV. "Dissolution fahrenheit"

Release date: February 1997

A collection of unreleased tracks from well known underground artists.

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Parade of Souls "De profundis"

Release date: December 1996

Intense gothic music. Impressive vocal performance.

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Canaan "Blue Fire"

Release date: December 1996

Born from the ashes of RAS ALGETHI,
CANAAN offers a morbid blend of dark, industrial and metal with a deep search for sonic/visual melancholy.

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