Band First Human Ferro (UKR)
Album Title Guernica macrocosmica
Catalogue # Fhf045
Release date October 2003
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve + booklet
Tracks 9
Running time 50'31''
File under Melodic Dark ambient

Description Who said dark ambient has nothing to share with melodies ? Who said it is not possible to combine dark, deep and dense drones with traditional music and melodies ? These phenomenal russian musicians are here to prove there are NEW seemingly undiscovered ways to conceive and create dark ambient. Put your imagination to work, and try to figure out something like AMON meets Red Army choirs, LUSTMORD meets sad russian popular music. Very hard to explain with words alone..... You'd better check it out..... Prepare yourself for a strange and challenging listening experience - n.o.t.h.i.n.g. in this record sounds like a "deją-heard" (?)........
Track-list Your eyes that once were never weary of mine - Combat roses introitus - Hollow shells and light - Adentro - Prophetic decay of angel - Unio mystica - Never to have lived is best - To the world without end where there is nothing - Guernica macrocosmica

Samples Hollow shells and light (5,2 MB)
Never to have lived is best (3,1 MB)