Band Navicon Torture Technologies (USA)
Album Title The arrow & the wound
Catalogue # Nav048
Release date September 2004
Format cd
Packaging 3 folders digisleeve
Tracks 12
Running time 72'20''
File under Power noise

Description Once again entering the deranged mindset of the jilted lover-turned-sexual predator, NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES is back with THE ARROW AND THE WOUND, delivering the most absolutely brutish levels of misogyny yet and creating an atmosphere of emotional depravity where lust is confused with longing and love is intermingled with delerium. Power noise at its highest and most uncomfortable levels.
Track-list Everything corrodes / Calipsia666 (adagio) / Unable to mantain a credible public persona / Love is unbruised knuckles / Listen, bitch ! / This is no time fo rthe innocent / Corpus Lvtevm / I wish you weren't what you are / Love's executioner / Meat / how to know love from deceit / Eveyrthing corrodes (SKM-ETR mix)

Samples Calipsia 666 (adagio) (6 MB)
Love's executioner (8,1 MB)