ESOTERIC- Dark, Pernicious, Sinister, Hateful, Tortured Doom

BEYOND DAWN- Pop ist verboten....

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT- Doomsters... oops... doomstars....

CAUL- Probably the best dark ambient band since ages

AMON- Realms of Amunhaptra in full exposure

SKM-ETR- The realm of my favourite butcher

CIRCADIAN- The rhythm of circadian noise

TERESA11- Lovely, lovely, lovely.

IGNIS FATUUS- The fate of fire ? Probably burning.....

GRUNTSPLATTER- Possibly the darkest death industrial around.....

THERGOTHON- Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth.....

LUASA RAELON- A poisonous wedding......

ASIANOVA- Burning the blue skies black. Or was it turning the black skies blue ?

NAZCA- Another lovely bunch of finns...

CANAAN- Minstrels of apahty & their realms

WELTSCHMERZ- Capitale de la douleur ?

COLLOQUIO- Mal de vivre....

CONTROL- My favourite painkiller

TRUE COLOUR OF BLOOD- The sounds of the abyss

NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES- A technology for torture ?

BAD SECTOR- Master of all the ambient out there....

NOTHING- The colours subaudible......

SLOGUN- Fuck the world. Fuck your ears.

VANESSA VAN BASTEN- Soccer ? Or good music ? This latter, please.

MOURMANSK 150- They shall stand, triumphant over our remains

OLHON- The sound of mother earth. Pardon, mother water.

BESTIA CENTAURI- Genesis of a monster.....

BLOOD BOX- Home of the finest dark ambient

FIRST HUMAN FERRO- The First Human Ferro activity central

SVARTSINN- Norwegian manipulators of drones

NERONOIA- Happy songs for happy people

SELAXON LUTBERG- Post - dark-ambient ? Post what ?

AMPLEXUS- We love you Stefano !

SOME PLACE ELSE- My fave finnish distribution

RADIO TARAB- Allies in our quest for good music

MALIGNANT RECORDS- Sources for post-industrial resonances

AURAL MUSIC- How else than aural could music be ?

CODE666- 666, the number of the beast ?

ACT NOIR- Why shape a new start ?