Band Nothing (USA)
Album Title Silence came back in, filling jagged spaces
Catalogue # Nth046
Release date June 2004
Format cd
Packaging Clear trayed jewel box
Tracks 6
Running time 46'34''
File under Dark ambient

Description A disharmonic journey through the mid-world spheres. Fragments of corrupted melodies melt with post-nuclear tribal rhythms. Quiet semi-silences turn into crystal-clear ambiences, then suddently leave space to bursts of noise. Shamanic-like chants evolve into caressing violins, then fall into pits of ultra-droning dark ambient. ...S.U.R.R.E.A.L... ...G.H.O.S.T.L.Y... In clear-trayed jewel box
Track-list Todash / The line of eld, the katet of 19 / 30 days to the wolves / Territories / Feather of the Opopanax / The final argument

Samples Todash (6,1 MB)
Feather of the Opopanax (10,5 MB)