This page will help you in understanding how to place an order with us:

Step number one: if the record you want to purchase is available, you will find the Buy it now! button in its file; just click on the Buy it now! button, follow the Paypal instructions and you're done.

Step number two: in case you don't want to pay with Paypal, take a look at the following options:

Payment method
1) Cash in a registered letter
2) Postal money order
3) Bank transfer

For option 1) please use the following address:

Via Folli 5
20134 Milano

Please make sure you use REGISTERED mail to reduce the risks of lost / missing / stolen letters. Long-handed postal thieves are everywhere, ready to become a little bit richer on your shoulders (& mine too.....).

For option 2), keep in mind we will ONLY accept postal money orders. Western Union, Thomas Cook or other similar money orders will be RETURNED. Moreover, US and Canadian money orders are NOT negotiable in Italian post offices, due to some strange troubles between postal networks, so people from US and Canada would please choose one of the other 2 payment methods.

For option 3) drop me an email at info@eibonrecords.com and I'll send you our bank details. Due to the extremely high banking fees for non-UE transfers, this payment method is useful only if you order 10 or more cds. Please don't ask for a bank transfer if you wish to order just 1 or 2 - it would be a $$ suicide for both of us....... On the other hand, european customers will benefit from the recently modified banking fees - almost zero......

Just as a quick notice: I do not accept direct credit card payments, but you can use your credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard and so on....) via paypal, so just go that way if CC is your favourite payment method.