Slogun "Fair game"

Release date: March 2001

World famous, legendary, acclaimed and praised power electronics deconstructor artist SLOGUN strikes back with 1 hour of pure & delicious aural massacre. You have never experienced anything like this. Bet on it.
Crushingly powerful walls of white noise monstrously augmented by tormenting & tormented vocals.

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Murder Corporation "One life by murder"

Release date: November 2000

A new chapter in the sick MURDER CORPORATION crusade against false, relaxing, soft, easy-listening music.A sonic excursion in the realms of noise, conceptually based upon the "work" of the sadly famous russian serial killer Andrej Chikatilo.
Deranging, decomposing, disgusting, disturbing, disharmonic.

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Murder Corporation

This Empty Flow "Nowafter"

Release date: February 2001

This Empty Flow are without doubt one of the most underestimated dark bands of the whole world.

Mixing bits of early The Cure with Pink Floyd-esque songs' structures and a massive dose of personality, they're a jewel yet to be discovered.

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This Empty Flow

Bad Sector "Toroidal body"

Release date: January 2001

Static minimal/rythmic electronica and alien all-over-the-place spectrum of harmonic ambient textures.
The 7" EP Bad Sector's still unexplored rythmical side, with two tracks combining his usual electroharmonic audio phenomena with a thin, yet very present and expansive rythmic approach. CD-R features 3 totally unreleased tracks from the "Dolmen" sessions.

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Bad Sector

Canaan "Brand new Babylon"

Release date: August 2000

The dark side of life - a depressive, languorous work born out of desperation and isolation.
Droning ambient meets melancholic dark with a destructive tone.

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Nothing "The grey subaudible"

Release date: July 2000

Prepare to dive into an ocean of darkness.
Sounding like an hybrid between LYCIA and RAISON D'ETRE, "The grey subaudible" is a devastating debut, highly recommended to the dark souls out there.

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Never Known "On the edge of forever"

Release date: May 2000

New chapter in the NEVER KNOWN saga, and this time it's even better than before.
Deep melodies, rumbling drones, the new edge of forever...

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Never Known

The Frozen Autumn "The pale collection"

Release date: June 2000

Finally available the repressing of the legendary Frozen Autumn debut album. Reworked, remastered and repackaged....
Quite simply, the best italian gothic/wave band ever.

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The Frozen Autumn

Moljebka Pvlse "Koan"

Release date: February 2000

Like in the good and old tradition of Maeror Tri or Final, this highly promising swedish act brings us liquid, droney dark ambient based upon manipulated guitars and e-bows.

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Moljebka Pvlse