I Burn "Infraharmonies, scald cavities"

Release date: July 1998

Soundtracks for your cremation.

Harsh and noisy BRIGHTER DEATH NOW-like structures meet dark ambient: transmute your conception of sound: you BURN......

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I Burn

Le Masque "Dal diario di un soffiatore di vetro"

Release date: October 1998

One of the most influential italian wave bands comes out of the abyss of time with a strong collection of their best material.

Morbid and dense wave music, with beautiful italian lyrics.

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Le Masque

Murder Corporation "Death Files"

Release date: November 1998

Intelligent power electronics. The most violent way to have your brain lobotomized.

A pure aural assault.

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Murder Corporation

Mortar "Emperor's return"

Release date: November 1998

Low-fi dark ambient. A venomous mixture of rumbling drones and frightening melodies.

For best results, play loudly on the worst audio equipment you can find.

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Ras Algethi "Oblita Divinitas"

Release date: Originally released in 1993

Finally available on cd this milestone of doom metal.
Coming in a super-limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies with remastered sound quality, lyrics and coloured artwork.

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Ras Algethi

No Festival Of Light "Virtue of Selfishness"

Release date: Rereleased July 2000

Repressing of the legendary NFOL tape - one of the milestones of the swedish death-industrial sound.

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No Festival Of Light

Sshe Retina Stimulants "Monitors"

Release date: Rereleased in August 2000

Live/studio mixed mode album for the italian masters of noise manipulation. Sharp face-cutting electromagnetic phenomena !

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Sshe Retina Stimulants