Band Teresa 11 (JAP)
Album Title Smoky heaven
Catalogue # Ter051
Release date October 2004
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve + booklet printed on opaline papers
Tracks 10
Running time 53'39''
File under ?? - ??

Description I've never had so much trouble in simply "describing" a record, but the phenomenal japanese TERESA 11 are - truly - impossible to "frame". Mutant trip-hop meets classical music, "smoky" ambient meets Kabuki traditional rhythms. All this topped with astonishing female vocals and harp. You've never heard anything like this, that's for sure. "Smoky heaven" will leave you BREATHLESS - this is a promise.......
Track-list Harp and 12 string harp (impro) / Blue shine / Clear love / Tell me / into the indian rhythm (impro) / A sonorous poet / The end of smoky days / Irony of fate / Runaway from the sun / Don't explain

Samples Clear love (5,1 MB)
Irony of fate (6,5 MB)