Band Luasa Raelon (USA)
Album Title The poison city
Catalogue # Lua056
Release date August 2005
Format cd
Packaging Clear-trayed jewel box
Tracks 5
Running time 47'59''
File under Dark ambient/death industrial

Description Welcome to the poison city. A place where nuclear radiations colour the sky with green clouds, mutating vegetation suffocates the sun and asphyxiating miasms coming from abandoned toxic wastes endanger life......... LUASA RAELON is definitely one of the most interesting realities of US dark ambient/death industrial scene, combining low-rumbling drones with extemporaneous noise bursts to create a pretty personal & recognizable sound. This poison city IS a terrible place, trust me.....
Track-list The terrible place / Toxin industries / Hunted / The vortex / The aftermath

Samples The terrible place (11,8 MB)
Hunted (9,4 MB)