Band Thergothon (FIN)
Album Title Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothtoth (repress)
Catalogue # Thg014
Release date April 2005 (originally released in July 1999)
Format mcd
Packaging Clear-trayed jewel box
Tracks 4
Running time 27'30''
File under Doom metal

Description The often imited, never equalled 1991 THERGOTHON demotape finally available again.... The slowest and heaviest doom ever created on planet earth. No other band ever sounded like this. No other band will ever sound like this. Point. This re-pressing comes with new artwork in a clear-trayed jewel box.
Track-list Elemental, Evoken, Yet the Watchers guard, The twilight fade

Samples Elemental (7,5 MB)
Evoken (7 MB)