Band Maath (ITA)
Album Title No survivors for the new world
Catalogue # Maa054
Release date May 2005
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 7
Running time 53'16''
File under Dark ambient

Description Based upon the concept of coma, sleep and suspended animation, "No survivors for the new world" gently brings you through a dormant world, where dreams flow freely around you, leaving a coloured trace in the cold and dark void. Melodic dark ambient of the finest kind, and one of the most impressive debuts I've heard in a long long while. Round, deep, mesmerizing. Are you ready for your new world ?
Track-list Towards the end / Amniotic illusion / Humanize memory / The structure at the end of the world / Murdered by an iconoclast / No survivors for the new world / Ghost song

Website N/A
Samples Towards the end (4,3 MB)
Murdered by an iconoclast (8,7 MB)