Band Beyond Dawn (NOR)
Album Title In reverie (repress)
Catalogue # Byd011/Duplo011
Release date February 2006 (originally released in February 1999)
Format cd
Packaging Clear-trayed jewel box
Tracks 10
Running time 54'42''
File under Acoustic magic

Description Much needed & longed for repressing of the band's acoustic masterpiece "In reverie" - originally issued in 1999. 10 pieces of magic music from Norway's best kept "secret". Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks and comes with re-designed artwork. Melancholy under a brand new sun......
Track-list Need / Rendezvous / Prey / Atmosphere / Confident as hell / Naked (how to produce honesty) / Phase - juxtaposition / Chameleon / Hairy fiquid / Fairly icky

Samples Prey (5,2 MB)
Confident as hell (3,9 MB)