Band Amon (ITA)
Album Title Foundation
Catalogue # Amn053
Release date April 2005
Format double cd
Packaging Digisleeve + inner sleeves
Tracks 12
Running time 124' +
File under Dark ambient

Description "Foundation" contains remastered and re-worked versions of the AMON first cd "Amon" (1996 - currently sold out) and of the ultra-rare "Mer" cdr (2000 - originally printed in less than 200 copies.....). Wondering why AMON is widely considered a dark ambient legend ? This double cd will show you why.... You'll find no deeper nor darker ambient anywhere else.
Track-list Cd I: Prepare to leave / Uhura photons / Time is waiting / Mopula / Tanit Zerga / Hiram Roi Cd II: Foundation / Osirion / Secret chamber / Lost / Darkside return II / Gateway

Samples Uhura photons (CD I) (7,2 MB)
Osirion (CD II) (14,4 MB)