Band Control (USA)
Album Title The means to an end
Catalogue # Con055
Release date May 2005
Format cd
Packaging Clear-trayed jewel box
Tracks 9
Running time 54'19''
File under Power noise

Description Redefining the concept of aural aggression. Structured, multi-layered, hyper-complex power noise. Sharp like a surgical scalpel and powerful like a demolition hammer, CONTROL music adds a new meaning to the abused "power electronics" definition. The only good way to describe "The means to an end" ? A fierce beast constrained (temporarily.....) in a steel cage, far too small to contain its natural aggressiveness. The cage won't last forever......
Track-list Excoriate / The means to an end / Execute / The survival of it all / Hatred of humans / The machine / My struggle / Line to the slaughter / Wait to die

Samples Execute (7,3 MB)
The machine (7,5 MB)