Band Muder Corporation (ITA)
Album Title One life by murder
Catalogue # Mrc026
Release date November 2000
Format cd
Packaging A5 foldable sleeve
Tracks 9
Running time 39'
File under Power electronics

Description A new chapter in the sick MURDER CORPORATION crusade against false, relaxing, soft, easy-listening music.A sonic excursion in the realms of noise, conceptually based upon the “work” of the sadly famous russian serial killer Andrej Chikatilo. Deranging, decomposing, disgusting, disturbing, disharmonic. A wall of white noise shaped by a cruel mind. Now just sit down, take the lights off and relax, if you dare......
Track-list Declaration (prologue) / In search of victims / The hunt / Prepare to.... / Sickest tour / Disturbed mind / Rostov !! / Forbidden pleasures / Process (epilogue)

Samples In search of victims (4,6 MB)
Sickest tour (4,7 MB)