Band Canaan
Album Title Brand new Babylon
Catalogue # Can023/Pro029
Release date August 2000
Format cd
Packaging Black leather embroidered sleeve + 6 cards + booklet
Tracks 14
Running time 70'
File under Dark

Description The dark side of life - a depressive, languorous work born out of desperation and isolation. Droning ambient meets melancholic dark with a destructive tone.
Track-list Theta division / In un cielo di pece / Sperm like honey / Disintegrate / Of lost desires / Shelter 1 / La simmetria del dolore / For a drowning soul / The circle of waters / 7119 / The meaning of solitude (return to 9117) / Over absolute black / Lick my poison / A descent to Babylon

Samples Of lost desires (5,3 MB)
The circle of waters (5,1 MB)

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