Band Slogun (USA)
Album Title Fair game
Catalogue # Slo027/Wmda14
Release date March 2001
Format cd
Packaging Foldable poster-like sleeve
Tracks 16
Running time 58'40''
File under Power electronics

Description World famous, legendary, acclaimed and praised power electronics deconstructor artist SLOGUN strikes back with 1 hour of pure & delicious aural massacre. You have never experienced anything like this. Bet on it. Crushingly powerful walls of white noise monstrously augmented by tormenting & tormented vocals. This is BEYOND any imagination.....
Track-list It will come / Reject me / At night / My dark place / Somebody's husband: somebody's son / 24 hours / All at once / By cut and by knife / Four walls from hell / Stains / I take a walk / Traffic / Closer it brings / Ruin / Yesyesyes ! / Self

Samples Reject me (5,7 MB)
Somebody's husband, somebody's son (8,6 MB)

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