Band Bad Sector (ITA)
Album Title Toroidal body
Catalogue # Bsc024/Pfep003
Release date January 2001
Format 7" vinyl + cdr
Packaging EP sleeve
Tracks 5
Running time 24'
File under Electroharmonic phenomena

Description Static minimal/rythmic electronica and alien all-over-the-place spectrum of harmonic ambient textures. The 7" EP Bad Sector's still unexplored rythmical side, with two tracks combining his usual electroharmonic audio phenomena with a thin, yet very present and expansive rythmic approach, while the CD-R features 3 totally unreleased tracks from the "Dolmen" recording sessions finally seeing the light.
Track-list Hen / Pan / Egidea / Lelia (20A remix) / Ibor (coded)

Samples Egidea (5,1 MB)

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