Band Russian Love (FIN)
Album Title Nergal
Catalogue # Rus070/PVC059
Release date January 2008
Format cd
Packaging Jewel box
Tracks 14
Running time 55'10''
File under Cold wave

Description Repressing of one of the most underestimated cold wave bands of the 80s - one of the very first from Finland singing in english and reaching the goal of publishing an LP. This repressing contains a remastered and re-packaged version of "Nergal" (1988) and "Malleus maleficarum" EP(1987). For fans of Chameleons, this is a must.
Track-list Snow / The outer life / Black desire / Russian love / This time / In the room like velvet / A dream / Damned fates / Der student von Prag / Flame (part I) / The eternal touch / A galley slave / And so there'll be / Sickness over a crown

Samples Black desire (6 MB)
In the room like velvet (5,4 MB)