Band Colloquio (ITA)
Album Title Si muove e ride
Catalogue # Col074
Release date June 2007
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve + booklet
Tracks 10
Running time 50'35''
File under Dark wave

Description Nobody sounds and sings the inadequacy of this life like Gianni does. There's something more than mere "music" in his records and there's more than simple "poetry" in his words. I feel I could write for hours about how touching, beautiful and moving COLLOQUIO's music is, but it is frankly useless. Those who are aware of the stature of this band, will greatly enjoy. The other ones, well........
Track-list Ora / Profondo / Ogni giorno / Respira / Nel domani / Il pozzo / Si muove e ride / Tra queste mura / L'ultima estate / Ovunque

Samples Il pozzo (9 MB)
Tra queste mura (8,6 MB)