Band Bestia Centauri (USA)
Album Title Teratogenesis
Catalogue # Bes072/Afe093
Release date April 2007
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 6
Running time 63'35''
File under Dark ambient

Description Sonic landscapes that convey a sense of the numinous, the horrific, and the extra-human. With the new release, Bestia Centauri defies once and for all the persistent mischaracterizations of its sound as belonging to the "Dark Ambient ghetto". Electroacoustic and computer music elements come brazenly to the foreground, and contribute even more so to the flow of "crawling chaos" that has always characterized and inspired Bestia Centauri’s compositions. The genesis and development of a monstrosity is the theme of this new work, which charts a course from mutated unicellular sonic DNA to the resultant life-form that reaches "from the jaws of the dragon, from the depths of the abyss".
Track-list X / Teratogenesis / Spores / The shaping of the nucleus / Nebular embryo / 6.07 E faucibus draconis, e profundis barathri

Samples Spores (11,4 MB)
Nebular embryo (8,8 MB)