Band Aa.Vv.
Album Title Dissolution fahrenheit
Catalogue # Dis003 / LAD09
Release date February 1997
Format cd
Packaging Cardboard sleeve + booklet
Tracks 12
Running time 62'56''
File under Industrial / Dark Ambient / Wave

Description A collection of unreleased tracks from well known underground artists.
Track-list WELTSCHMERZ ("Undersound" & "Colore di pioggia e di ferro"), AMON ("Prepare to leave" & "She touched the stone"), COLLOQUIO ("Io e l'altro", "Nelle mie stanze mute" & "Lui dentro"), NORTHGATE ("Monkeys devour men in dreams"), THE DEAD RELATIVES ("Blasphemous oration" & "Abelard"), PAVOR NOCTURNUS ("Fahrenheit 99") and CANAAN ("The Orion conspiracy")

Website N/A
Samples COLLOQUIO - Nelle mie stanze mute (5,3 MB)
WELTSCHMERZ - Undersound (4,7 MB)

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