Band Canaan
Album Title Blue Fire
Catalogue # Can001
Release date December 1996
Format cd
Packaging Specially designed A5 digipack + 20 pages full colour booklet
Tracks 14
Running time 61'38''
File under Dark

Description Born from the ashes of RAS ALGETHI, CANAAN offers a morbid blend of dark, industrial and metal with a deep search for sonic/visual melancholy.
Track-list The eleventh shadow / Dreamsword / Thin concentric circles / Aranea tedii / Incantesimo d'autunno / Temporal stasis / Noir (your coloured soul) / Doloris charisma / Moongod / Splendor's bearer / Orien / The luminous trinity / Our little hidden treasures / This grey enemy

Samples The eleventh shadow (2,8 MB)
Incantesimo d'autunno (4,7 MB)

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