Band Where (ITA)
Album Title The creatures of the wind
Catalogue # Whr016
Release date November 1999
Format cd
Packaging 4-folders special sleeve
Tracks 8
Running time 63'03''
File under Dark ambient

Description Astonishing dark ambient in the vein of Thomas Koner and Amon. Cryptic sounds and ghostly atmospheres centered upon the concept of the creatures of the wind. Incredibly deep & hyper-obscure
Track-list Boreas, Conoscenze Oscure, Sa'rka'ny, Creature del Vento, Cialarere, Streghe del Vento, Arpie, Sacro terrore

Website N/A
Samples Conoscenze oscure (5 MB)
Streghe del vento (3,8 MB)

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