Band Cazzodio (ITA)
Album Title Ad negantem usum significationes
Catalogue # Czd018
Release date February 2000
Format cd
Packaging Rough cardboard package + booklet
Tracks 12
Running time 60'11''
File under Power noise

Description The sound of collapsing civilization. Beyond noise, beyond power electronics, CAZZODIO are the slayers of your normality. Harsh, raw, decomposed, saturated fragments of mental distortion
Track-list Volontā mutilata, Ultimo avviso: insurrezione!, Waste, Geometrie d'odio, Submit to the Lord, Pleasure sequence, Ad negantem usum significationes, Naked lie, Ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni, Altre danze tra i cadaveri dei servi del grigiore, Il significato attribuibile al silenzio, Submit to the Lord (Prey Robot mix)

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Samples Volontā mutilata (3,8 MB)
Waste (6,4 MB)

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