Band I burn (ITA)
Album Title Infraharmonies, scald cavities
Catalogue # Fuoco001
Release date July 1998
Format cd
Packaging Yellow jewel box
Tracks 13
Running time 50'
File under Dark ambient

Description Soundtracks for your cremation. Harsh and noisy BRIGHTER DEATH NOW-like structures meet dark ambient: transmute your conception of sound: you BURN......
Track-list SHC, Overheating passage, Jumping eyes on the white-hot milkpan, Branding Jesus, Ignis deletus, Cremation sleepiness, Incandescence, The immediate environment of incendium, Arsonism, Prophesyng non-motion, I'll rush to globe's charred bedside, Bodybread - furnacewine, I burn

Samples Ignis deletus (4,9 MB)
Cremation sleepiness (4,7 MB)

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