Band Naxal Protocol (ITA)
Album Title The guilty should get what they deserve!
Catalogue # Nax090
Release date December 2013
Format cd
Packaging Digipack
Tracks 10
Running time 62'34''
File under Unrelenting neural assault

Description Remember CAZZODIO ? Perhaps the best power-noise act to ever walk this filthy earth, surely the best (and easiest) name to remember for anyone understanding italian language.... They disappeared a few years ago, and the world cried loudly for this loss. The time of grief is over. THEY HAVE RETURNED. With a new name (NAXAL PROTOCOL) but with the usual strength, power and cerebrally stimulating violence. These 10 new songs shift the boundaries of anything you might consider "structured noise". "The guilty should get what they deserve!" is a crushing & unrelenting neural assault that will be remembered for ages to come........ Don't say I haven't warned you....... Comes in a luxury 3-folders UV-varnished Digipack.
Track-list Naxal in the air tonight / A welcome intrusion / Cosmonaut cunnilingus / May you rot in hell / Shanghai cocaine nights / The fear of infection as an infection of fear / Tied down / The permanent delirium of the reactionary mind / Degradation / The despot dies smiling

Samples NAXAL PROTOCOL - A welcome intrusion (9,5 MB)
NAXAL PROTOCOL - The fear of infection as an infection of fear (11 MB)