Band Canaan
Album Title A calling to weakness
Catalogue # Can036
Release date November 2002
Format cd
Packaging Oversized digisleeve + booklet + sleeve
Tracks 17
Running time 71'19''
File under Dark

Description Proudly introducing CANAAN’s fourth full-lenght album, and without any doubt their most melancholic one. “A calling to weakness” music is much sharper, rougher, heavier, darker than ever before. The 17 songs of the album create an incredibly enthralling and mournful atmosphere - your next psychic black hole...
Track-list To those who cried / Prayer for nothing / Warm dust / Everything you say / Scars / Un ultimo patetico addio / The forever passion / Falling again / Grey / The fires in me / Essere nulla / Submission / Mercury / Chrome red overdose / The ghosts of my betrayal / Frequency Omega / A last lullaby

Samples Prayer for nothing (5,5 MB)
Everything you say (5,5 MB)