NERONOIA "Sapore di luce e di pietra"

Release date: December 2013

Twisted, sick and utterly bleak ambient/songwriting/noise excursion through the worlds of forbidden memories, forsaken desires and unavoidable human misery. Songs for all the ghosts shifting through empty rooms.

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NAXAL PROTOCOL "The guilty should get what they deserve!"

Release date: December 2013

Remember CAZZODIO ? Perhaps the best power-noise act to ever walk this filthy earth, surely the best (and easiest) name to remember for anyone understanding italian language... They disappeared a few years ago, and the world cried loudly for this loss. The time of grief is over. THEY HAVE RETURNED...

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Naxal Protocol

COLLOQUIO "L'entrata - L'uscita"

Release date: June 2013

With this new album, COLLOQUIO further explores the territories between electronic/wave sounds and the italian songwriting tradition. "L'entrata - L'uscita" drastically expands the sonic horizons of these "sacred monsters of weltschmerz"...

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Release date: May 2013

Maria Cristina Anzola, the talented ex BEL AM singer, has teamed up with Davide Borghi (Albireon, Ekra) and gave birth to THE BLUE PROJECT. "Adrift" combines noisy and complex soundscapes with strongly emotional female vocals, for an original and moving blend that's far from the "heavenly voices" or "neoclassic" clichés, carving a kind of milestone in the ethereal/electronic music field.

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The Blue Project

EN NIHIL "The approaching dark"

Release date: January 2013

The sound of ongoing apocalypse. Mixing extemporaneous noise bursts with solid dark ambient structures and menacing death industrial, US legendary EN NIHIL return with a brand new album.

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CANAAN "Of prisoners, wandering souls and cruel fears"

Release date: June 2012

Sublimating years of frustration, anger, resentment, fear, disillusion, pain, isolation and rage, CANAAN have reached in this new album the unparalleled zenith of their musical career.

They have never sounded so dark and filthy, they've never created soundscapes more oppressive or destabilizing.

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KAVE "Dismal radiance"

Release date: June 2012

Monstrously deep dark ambient.

Evolving structures and unsettling atmospheres wiht a somehow "cinematic" touch for all the fans of CAUL, YEN POX, AMON and for anyone else into menacing, profound black ambience.

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Release date: January 2012

Post-rock mastodonts MONDRIAN OAK are back with their new album, after a stunning debut on Consouling Sounds.

"Aeon" is full of dense, thick, heavy instrumental post-rock with both an agressive touch and a melodic vein.

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Mondrian Oak


Release date: June 2011

Revamped, remixed, remastered and expanded version of the long time sold out cult album "Awaken". Thick, massive and utterly dark soundscapes of true black ambience coming from one of the founders of the now legendary Swedish industrial scene.
Drones, strings and voices of the dead join forces in the cavernous cellar of Bohult.

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2013. The aural apocalypse has gotten worse. Doom & pestilence & famine upon us.
Are you ok with just a file downloaded from the mule/torrent/ants/whereverelse ? Is your greatest dream being liked/twitted/chirped/"friended&licked&cherished" on your virtual shoulder ? Want to try and convince me good records should be "in the cloud only", and that survival of a physical format is stupid and useless ?
If the answer to any of these 3 questions is YES, close this page and go somewhere else. You have come to the wrong place. Being the whiteelephantinthedesert I am, I still release ITEMS. I don't care too much about digital excrements.
Blame me. Insult me. So be it. I don't give up.

SPECIAL OFFERS - 9€ postage paid everywhere!

First Human Ferro "Guernica macrocosmica"

October 2003 - Who said dark ambient has nothing to share with melodies ? Who said it is not possible to combine dark, deep and dense drones with traditional music and melodies?

Canaan "The unsaid words"

February 2006 - 4 long years have passed since "A calling to weakness". But finally CANAAN are back...... stronger than ever....... If ACTW was a moan of pain, "The unsaid words" is a chant of knowledge. Of the knowledge of an unstoppable physical and psychical withering.

Asianova "Love like a veiled threat"

August 2005 - A few years after the acclaimed & praised "Burning the blue skies black", ASIANOVA are back with a brand new MONUMENTAL opus. Rarely (or should I dare saying never ?) a dark ambient cd has encompassed so many different elements & influences....

Colloquio "Si muove e ride"

July 2007 - Nobody sounds and sings the inadequacy of this life like Gianni does. There's something more than mere "music" in his records and there's more than simple "poetry" in his words.

Canaan "A calling to weakness"

November 2002 - CANAAN’s fourth full-lenght album, and without any doubt their most melancholic one. "A calling to weakness": your next psychic black hole...

Teresa 11 "Smoky heaven"

October 2004 - Mutant trip-hop meets classical music, "smoky" ambient meets Kabuki traditional rhythms. You've never heard anything like this, that's for sure.

Ignis Fatuus "In our mad bliss"

November 2005 - Let Christus777 & Melysa Baucom take you by hand, and let yourself be cherished by the wonderful melodies of this magical universe... Let the fairies fly in...

Ordeal "Ma|an"

January 2002 - Somewhere between dark ambient and a certain kind of post-rock. "Ma|an" is music for a post-nuclear cabaret. Music After A Nuclear dawn...