Band While Heaven Wept (USA)
Album Title Of empires forlorn
Catalogue # Whw041
Release date March 2003
Format cd
Packaging Digipack + booklet
Tracks 7
Running time 42'50''
File under Doom metal

Description With "Of Empires Forlorn," While Heaven Wept are sailing the vast oceans of melodic heaviness: an uncharted territory somewhere between Candlemass, the Viking-era Bathory and classical music, resulting in a unique sound that is both magical and strangely familiar. Melodic, Progressive, and Symphonic Epic Doom Metal that creates vast aural landscapes and intimate atmospheres. Limited to 1.000 copies.
Track-list The Drowning years / Of empires forlorn / Voice in the wind / Soulsadness / Epistle n.81 / Sorrow of the angels / From Empires to oceans

Samples The drowning years (6,6 MB)
Sorrow of the angels (4,6 MB)

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