Band Orghanon(ITA)
Album Title Figures in slow motion
Catalogue # ORG093
Release date January 2015
Format cd
Packaging 3-folders Digisleeve
Tracks 10
Running time 51'
File under Ambient / glitch / electronic / Soundtrack

Description Sergio Calzoni's talent in chiselling electronics like a master craftsman has already been made very clear in COLLOQUIO's albums. This time he flies alone, and what a flight this is.... ORGHANON's debut album offers a melancholy-filled trip through a congealed world where figures slowly drift in the thick air. Gentle melodies, superbly constructed electronic patterns, experimental passages create vast sonic scenarios that would perfectly fit in a Jim Jarmusch/Alejandro Inarritu's movie. Not only the sheer, marvellous quality of the songs but also a very strong feeling of walking into a brand new, undiscovered sonic territory will leave you breathless. Only a few times in our entire "career" we've been so completely dragged into a record like into "Figures in slow motion". Miss it at your own risk.
Track-list Gone / Memento / Ultra / Far / Unveil / Etere / Transient / Infra / Hiatus / Nilskor

Samples Gone (9,5 MB)
Infra (8 MB)