Band Kave
Album Title Dismal radiance
Catalogue # Kav085
Release date June 2012
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve + inner sleeve
Tracks 8
Running time 48'51''
File under Dark ambient

Description Monstrously deep dark ambient. Evolving structures and unsettling atmospheres wiht a somehow "cinematic" touch for all the fans of CAUL, YEN POX, AMON and for anyone else into menacing, profound black ambience.
Track-list Tombs Of The Black Sand / Corridors Under The Sea / Vault Of Mysticism And Desolation / Dark Monoliths Rising / Encompassing Emptiness / Bleak Phantasm / Dismal Radiance / Laatste Schemering

Samples KAVE - Encompassing emptiness (9,5 MB)
KAVE - Dismal radiance (6,5 MB)