Band En NIhil (USA)
Album Title The approaching dark
Catalogue # Nih087
Release date January 2013
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 9
Running time 52'09''
File under Death industrial

Description The sound of ongoing apocalypse. Mixing extemporaneous noise bursts with solid dark ambient structures and menacing death industrial, US legendary EN NIHIL return with a brand new album. And what a come-back it is. The humans have left the earth. The universe is collapsing, and this is the sound of its death........
Track-list The Tombs Of Empire / Frozen Postures / The Hearts Relent / Human Animal / Futile Man – The Weight Of Absolution / Souls to Cease / Vulture Reign / The Approaching Dark / Darkfall

Samples EN NIHIL - The hearts relent (7,3 MB)
EN NIHIL - The weight of absolution (12,4 MB)