Band Weltschmerz
Album Title Capitale de la douleur
Catalogue # Wel031
Release date November 2001
Format cd
Packaging Jewel box + outer sleeve
Tracks 8
Running time 54'45''
File under Dark wave

Description WELTSCHMERZ stands behind the pain of this dying world. Huge desire for nothing. An oppressive, melancholic, suffering soundtrack for the end of this world. Impressive male & female vocals over a solid dark wave background. Electrum Draconya is waiting for you...........
Track-list Jade Eclipse / Under Archons' Domain / Maha Pralaya / Downfall Bolero / Capitale de la douleur / Colore di pioggia e di ferro / Inanna Incarnates / Omegadawn

Samples Capitale de la douleur (8,2 MB)
Inanna incarnates (7,1 MB)