Band Wanda Wulz (ITA)
Album Title :Polaris:
Catalogue # Wan096
Release date June 2016
Format CD
Packaging 2-Folder Digisleeve + booklet
Tracks 11
Running time 54'
File under Wave

Description Picking up the sceptre of the cold, sad wave of the '80s, WANDA WULZ explores the territories of italian-sung nostalgic music. Echoes of Tenco, Colloquio, Le Masque on top of a personal, sullen, gloomy, at times "jazzy" approach to songwriting. The result ? Interesting, very interesting. Features Gianni Pedretti (Colloquio) on "Non ritorna pił". Digisleeve + booklet.
Track-list Polvere / Cabaret / Orologio / Non ritorna pił / Improvviso atlantico / La luce / Organza nera / Polaris / Trascorsi mai estinti / Abell 1835 / Come la neve

Samples Polvere (14 MB)
Non ritorna pił (13,6 MB)