Band This Empty Flow (FIN)
Album Title The album
Catalogue # Tef058 I&II
Release date March 2006
Format double cd
Packaging Jewel box
Tracks 19
Running time 110'+
File under Good music

Description Good music never grows old...... In 1996, THIS EMPTY FLOW gave birth to the amazing "Magenta skycode". Now, exactly 10 years after its original publishing, we're proud to re-present that outstanding cd, in a heavily remastered edition. And with an additional cd of rare tracks, studio-outtakes, rehearsal tracks, lost songs and other lovely goodies. Your chance to discover one of the most criminally under-estimated bands ever. Formerly known as THERGOTHON, the finnish musicians evolved into an almost unbelievable mixture of Slowdive, Pink Floyd & Cocteau Twins, however with a strong personal touch that makes them recognizable at first sight...... Sad, slow, melancholic. In other words, GREAT music. This repressing comes with redesigned graphics, printed on rough paper.
Track-list CD I: Nowafter / Useless / Stream / Towards distant / Snow blind / Distress / (But I am) still / Sweet bloom of night time flowers CD II: Serpents / Highest of the angels / The 14th / (But I am) still (disco demo version) / Untitled / Distress [version 0.2] / See nothing / Nevermore / Untitled / Distress [version 0.1] / The circle did close indeed

Samples Stream (disc I) (9,4 MB)
But I am still (disc I) (9,2 MB)
Serpents (disc II) (7,4 MB)
The 14th (disc II) (9,3 MB)