Band Svartsinn (NOR)
Album Title Devouring consciousness
Catalogue # Sva032
Release date January 2002
Format cd
Packaging Digisleeve
Tracks 8
Running time 49'58''
File under Dark ambient

Description Imagine a crossing between Amon and Lustmord, enriched with some dreadful melodies here and there. An orgy of bass frequencies, an apocalypse of drones, a black resounding monolith. Those who are in love with gloomy ambiences won't be put to bread and water. Experience the depths, if you're brave enough........
Track-list Draped in shadows / I morkets makt / Livredd / The dark covet / Reaching desolation / Devouring consciousness / Withering visions / Skumringen skjuler skogens sorg /

Samples I morkets makt (4,8 MB)
Reaching desolation (4,7 MB)