Band Selaxon Lutberg (ITA)
Album Title Cold house of love
Catalogue # Sel067
Release date November 2006
Format cd
Packaging 3-folders digisleeve
Tracks 10
Running time 50'47''
File under Dark ambient/post rock

Description Pages of a diary under the form of ten minimal soundscapes based upon emotional sounds made with guitars, piano and heavily processed field recordings. Hard to say if this is dark ambient or minimal post-rocků "Cold house of love" is all of this and a lot more. Subtly disquieting ambience music - a journey through the cold rooms of the house of love.....
Track-list Remember or forget ? / A sadness free song / Landscape I (the animal's eyes) / La prima neve / Landscape II (white ice under a grey sky) / Landscape III / Dissolti / La conseguenza di un addio mancato / Dialogue with earth about humanity / The end of the old man... hope

Samples Remember or forget ? (6,8 MB)
Dissolti (8,4 MB)