Band Reutoff (RUS)
Album Title Maska
Catalogue # Reu042/Str003
Release date June 2003
Format LP
Packaging 180 gr heavy vinyl, with 4 colours cover and 4 colours inner jacket; first 111 copies are enriched with an hand painted, hand numbered wooden box.
Tracks 4
Running time 40'10''
File under Industrial

Description New phenomenal album of these russian musicians. Redefining the concept of industrial music, where the roots of the past melt with modern approaches to create an ever-evolving sonic structure. The concept of "industrial" music looks far too reductive... You have to check this album out to hear how good they are in painting out a virtual canvas, where noises, loops, samples & drones give birth to an extremely organic sound-creature.....
Track-list I / II / III / IV

Samples I (8,3 MB)
III (7,8 MB)