Band PPF
Album Title La belle France, 1900
Catalogue # Ppf039/Wmda048
Release date March 2003
Format cd
Packaging A5 foldable sleeve + inner sleeve
Tracks 9
Running time 57'15''
File under Old school power noise

Description Brand new sensational album of the well-known French noise manipulators. Raw, heavy and distorted, yet still retaining a very "musical" approach and a structured backbone. Rough, just as we all like it. First 100 copies are enriched with a hand painted, hand numbered wooden box.
Track-list La Belle France (jusqu'ą la mort)/ Sweet victim of fanatism/ Workers in action/ La belle France (sans-patrie)/ Sensitiva/ La belle France (S'ils osaient)/ Abortion technologies/ Utopia/ La belle France (12 balles)

Website N/A
Samples Workers in action (5,4 MB)
La belle France (sans patrie) (8,1 MB)