Band Nazca (FIN)
Album Title Non grata
Catalogue # Nzc038
Release date December 2002
Format cd
Packaging White-trayed jewel box
Tracks 11
Running time 49'06''
File under Wave/Post rock

Description Two years in production, Non Grata is Nazca's most realised release yet. After a series of misfortunes (bankruptcies, carcrashes, deception, lies, breakups and illness), “Non grata” is finally ready to be presented to the world. Imagine how far a post-rock band can go when driven by intense motivation. Imagine how far a wave band can go when lighted up by incredible talent and commitment. Imagine how high a band can go. Point. Then double it. And you won’t be even close to the heights reached by these finnish wavers. Non grata is a reminder of how good music can get. Period. Happy ? Satisfied ? Try NAZCA before saying you’re OK..........
Track-list All good boys / In feria / Bar / Apology / Spoiled / Nothing / Micro #3 (m&a) / Ambition / Antiseptic / New day / Micro #5 (manual)

Samples Micro #3 (2,1 MB)
Antiseptic (4,1 MB)