Band Navicon Torture Technologies (USA)
Album Title I fucking hate you all and I hope you all fucking die
Catalogue # Nav035/Wmda30
Release date May 2002
Format cd
Packaging Foldable digisleeve
Tracks 9
Running time 53'14''
File under Dark ambient / noise

Description One of the world's best dark ambient/noise acts. Turning your worst nightmares to music via a rough injection of abrasive sounds. First 150 copies come in ultra-heavy copper plates packaging.
Track-list Perfect exit / I want to hang myself / Murder me slowly, please / Personal apocalypse / Genuflection / Drained of all light / The burning slowly / Personal Apocalypse II / White oleander

Samples I want to hang myself (5,2 MB)
Personal apocalypse (4,2 MB)

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